On my feet today : Monday 16th November 2020 - Nike Zoom 2K

Its a spring afternoon and we are currently in a global pandemic, everyone’s in a panic regarding Covid-19. We are in a lockdown and what is the one thing on a person who loves a pair of trainers mind ? Shop for more trainers to add to their collection. Whilst shopping I was inspired by the urban fashion of the late 1990’s - early 2000’s. Those decades presented us with unique urban statement styles and trainers with the large bubble in the sole. Funny enough the shoe I decided to purchase did not have any of these, I mean it wasn’t a Nike Penny Hardaway shoe or a Air Max 97. I typed Nike Air in the Google search bar and the Nike Zoom 2k was the first thing that came up on the screen. My first thought was “I like those”

The way the black designs appear around the shoe it’s a reminder of the basketball shoes of the mid 90’s. I didn’t Spend much on the shoe, I caught them on sale for £59.99 and I’m a size 9 so I was satisfied with the price. You already know any shoe size past 6 and you are spending from £80 and into the £100’s for a flashy pair of trainers.

If you grew up in the 90’s or at least remember the later years of that decade like myself you remember how millennium, the year 2000 was the big thing on everyone’s minds with all theories and what the future was going to be like, whether is was cars flying or the world ending. Most Popular design styles were focused on being futuristic, hence why the Nike Zoom 2k look so different, yet so stylish.

Nike describe the shoe as “Inspired by running silhouettes from the early 2000s, the Nike Zoom 2K is reimagining the golden age of running sneakers. A classic Zoom Air unit takes it back to where it began, while the rubber wings that wrap the outsole push the design into the future”

No matter what you decide just know there is a lot of competition out there this with popular retro shoes like the Nike Air Force One or Air Jordan 1’s. The Nike Zoom 2k is a shoe that I don’t believe that should go under the radar because it’s generally a cheaper Nike shoe or it doesn’t have the history of a legendary sports star wearing the shoe. Have a look below at the Pros and cons....


  • Affordable

  • value for money because they don’t crease easily

  • futuristic design that may set you apart from everyone else

  • Range of colours available

  • Many pairs in stock so you can always get a pair in your size in various stores


  • Feels like your foot is coming out of the shoe at times

  • Not the most comfortable shoe to wear for a long period of time

  • The shoe laces always becomes undone whilst being out

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