On My Feet Today: September 25th 2017

The year was 1991 and if you was a basketball fan and you did not know about Michael Jordan you was living under a rock. Michael Jordan, also known as "Air Jordan" the man who wore number 23 and played for the Chicago Bulls was one of the most dominant scorers in the NBA. In 1991 after 6 years being in the NBA and a few years of trying to win a NBA chanpionship and falling short of doing so, Jordan was shaping up to be a influential leader and scorer on the court with the Chicago Bulls. In 1985 the Air Jordan I shoe was released by Nike and grew in popularity. An athletic shoe and a fashion statement the Air Jordan went on to release the Air Jordan II in 1986, III in '88, IV in '89, V in '1990 and Air Jordan VI in 1991. The Air Jordan VI (6) Infrared known for its unique design comes with ankle support, Lace Locks and clear rubber soles was released in 1991. The Air Jordon VI was designed legendary shoe designer Tinker Hatfield was worn by Michael Jordan as he defeated the Los Angeles Lakers to secure his first NBA Championship. The Air Jordan VI was also worn in the 1992 hit movie "White Men Can't Jump" you can see Wesley Snipes wearing the shoes on the court with a Jordan 23 Bulls jersey.

The Air Jordan VI Infrared has gone on to retro/re-lease 7 times in 2000, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 and because of it's popularity the are classed as RARE and hard to find.

I bought the Air Jordan VI Infrared in December 2014 as a retro. I remember waiting up late at night on the Footlocker website. I managed to secure a pair and I was so happy only to receive an email a few days later saying "sorry the shoe is out of stock" I was so annoyed. The was only one place or type of community of people I could get these shoes from was the "RE-SELLERS" who normally buy popular shoe and re-sell at a higher price to make profit... There is love/ hate relationship with them, but I wanted them so bad.... Anyways, I managed to find a guy that was re-selling the shoe for a reasonable price. By the way this not the same as the original price tag of £135 on Nike, Footlocker or JD Sports, but it was close because every other re-seller was re-selling the Air Jordan VI for £250- £300 24 hours after it was released. I was not paying that, NO WAY! I managed to secure a pair and the rest was history.

For the past 3 years heads have turn, People have shown interest as I have worn the Air Jordan VI. The are a daily shoe for me and even though you can see that the shoe has been worn, the air Jordan VI still holds up quiet well after 3 years because of its strong Nubuck material. They are truly a statement shoe. For me personally the Air Jordan VI are an important to me as a Basketball fan because they were the first shoe which Michael Jordan got over the hump and finally won an NBA Championship, so I call them the "Special Shoe"

The Air Jordan VI Infrared will continue to be a daily shoe this Autumn/ Winter 2017. Here a few images below.....

Thanks for reading.

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