C H A R I T Y  F O U N D A T I O N

The K.G God is Good charity is aimed at helping young people who are at that staged of life where they are most vulnerable. The charity will work closely with young people who are possibly struggling with personal insecurities such as lack of confidence, bullying, different forms of abuse, who are trying to build a relationship with God or any personal issues and distractions that young people face today in the world we live in. I aim to create a positive, fun and safe environment to ensure the trust and security of these young people who might only be used to negativity due to their environment. No child deserves to feel insecure, “EVERY CHILD DESERVES TO FEEL CONFIDENT” This is what this charity workshop stands for and believes in.

The K.G “God is Good” charity target audience are young people ages between 10-16 years. These young people will normally be in school years 6 to year 11. The reason why I want to start off with 10 year olds from year 6 is to start right before some of these teenage problems happen and to be a positive influence on these young people just before they enter into secondary school. This will be beneficial while they are in Secondary Education right up to the point they are taking their A-levels as they will still be able to take part in the program up until this point. There will be events at various points of the year taking place that will run for a few weeks at a time. These events can possibly be extended due to high demand. We aim to into school to set up workshops that could take place during or after school. As the oldest out of my siblings they told me how they look up to me as a good example so I want to have same effect on some young people who are or could losing track on what is more important which is God and his love. I want to have same older brother relationship with these young people who will looking up to someone who was their age about 10 years ago. 


  • Football tournaments

  • beauty pageants 

  • Fashion Shows

  • Positive Talks

  • Talent Shows

  • Community health day

  • Sporting day events

  • Community Day (inviting the local community to come together to eat, drink, socialise)

  • Feeding the homeless and helping those in need 

  • Donating money made from the clothing collecting to an agreed cause