About us 

Kross Generation is a unisex clothing brand started by East London born Stephan Oshodi who always envisioned himself as a Fashion Designer. His ultimate goal would be to create a fashion brand that would inspire and cater to the next generation.

Oshodi's initial idea for a clothing line came to light in early 2008 when he decided to incorporate fashion in a graphic design project   for his FMP GCSEs. Off the back of this, more ideas began to flourish and ultimately resulted too what would be Kross Generation today. 

Between the year 2009 - 2016, the initials K.G didn't have an actual  back story nor did the brand really stand for nothing. You could say it was just an idea out of thin air but a dream with intentions of becoming a reality. At first, Oshodi called the brand Kut Gear but with years of  thorough industry research, brainstorming and trails  the name Kross Generation came about and stuck. Oshodi would focus solely on his fashion craft from January 2016 returning with a new branding identity, logo and back story to the newly named clothing line after finishing college studying Art and Design and Fashion Design at University and he hasn't looked back since!

The meaning of the Kross Generation is a merge between different generations focusing on the crossover and mixtures of styles from the old and new era. It focuses on mixtures between several cultural and suburban dress senses. Kross Generation's inspirations stems from social influencers, urbanism, inner cities, television, political events, culture and vintage/ current items. "A piece of clothing which was cool back in the 90's could marry and merge well with something that is cool today" - Stephan Oshodi 

Kross Generation's aim is to inspire and bring all generations together with our designs and to inspire the youth of tomorrow that they can do anything they set their minds to.

 The next step for Kross Generation is to continue creating new innovative designs and emulate leading brands and growing worldwide.