About us 

Kross Generation is Unisex clothing brand started by East London born Fashion Designer Stephan Oshodi who always had the vision that he would start up a Fashion brand that would inspire the next generation.


The first idea for the clothing brand started in 2008 when Oshodi was going into to his year 11 GCSE's when he designed a clothing line for his Graphics GCSE Project. 


From 2009 - 2016 the K.G initials stood for Kut Gear with no real meaning and no new designs this was at a time when a clothing line was still a dream. 


January 1st 2016 Kross Generation was the final brand name when Oshodi decided to re-dedicated himself to working on a clothing line after he completed College studying Art and Design and Fashion Design at University. He has not stopped since. The meaning of the Kross Generation is a cross between different generations. This can range from people, clothing, television, political events, culture or even new or vintage items. There could be something the 1800's that Oshodi might be inspired by and could redesign what he saw into a Kross Generation garment, which look new and amazing today.


Kross Generation's aim is to inspire and bring all generations together with our designs and to inspire the youth of tomorrow that they can do anything they set their minds to.


The next step for Kross Generation is to continue creating new innovative designs and watching the brand grow worldwide.